a few words about us


Ragtime Cattery started breeding Ragdolls in 2009. It was always a dream of mine to breed cats. It all started with seeing the Ragamuffins on CATS 101. After much research I realized that I need more experience to start up a new breed in SA, especially when working with a  breed non recognizedby the two major registering bodies. Then I found the ragdolls and I was hooked. Unfortunately I could not find a kitten in South Africa to join my family and that’s when I decided to breed them. We later added Maine coons to our cattery in 2012 after meeting these gentle giants at a cat show.

We are located in Pretoria East, Gauteng, South Africa. We are a small cage-less cattery and the cats has their own private quarters and a garden to themselves when they feel like playing outside. Their cat garden has trees and grass to play in or to just lie in the sun and dose off.  Our cats are our pets first and rules the house. All our kittens are raised under foot and by that I mean UNDER foot, lol, and gets plenty of love and kisses from our two children, thus giving them all the love and socialization kittens need right from birth. We found this very important as a well balanced kitten will grow into a well adjusted adult.

It is our aim to breed healthy and very friendly Ragdolls and Maine Coons that will also be true to the breed standard and a true loving life long companion.

All our breeding stock are Tested and guaranteed Feline Aids and Leukemia free and has been DNA clear for Ragdoll HCM and PKD.  Our Maine coons are HD clear and HCM clear and has no gingivitis in the lines.

This and That





Note: All Adult cats that are rehomed need a commitment from the new owner, that they will allow enough time for them to adapt (however long that will be) to their new home. Adult cats take longer to settle than a kitten. Each cat is different and their personalities all vary. Please think carefully before deciding on giving them a loving home to retire too. They only deserve the best after their hard kitten rearing life.


Scam or not to be scammed

How do I know…

Are you looking for a Pedigree Cat?
Please don’t become a victim of the numerous “animal scammers” who prey on unsuspecting people. Did you know that there are 3 Official Registering Bodies in South Africa? For your own peace of mind , it is advisable to contact one or all of them before you buy a cat/kitten from a website or publication advertising pedigree cats/kittens. http://www.kittensandcats.co.za for more info



Kittens do scratch…

To keep your kitten from scratching furniture, try one or more of the following:

– Hang a blanket, towel, plastic or canvas drop cloth over the side of the furniture
– Attach a tissue with a strong citrus fragrance to the side of the furniture
– Use a commercial, motion-activated pet alarm to teach your kitten to stay away from the furniture
– Use a commercial, sticky tape to discourage scratching



Who to choose

Take a tip from your cat and follow your instincts. You want a veterinarian who cares deeply about animals, especially your cat. Your vet will frequently be your first line of contact for many of the trials and tribulations that can arise when you own a cat. Choose someone who allows you to communicate openly and honestly. And if you feel they are not the right fit, move on…


I want one

Is the timing right

Whenever you choose a cat, you must remember it is a life time commitment. Make sure you have time for the new family member in your life for the next 15+ years